Link Removal Process

How to Remove Watch Links from Soca Watch co Style Wood Watches

  1. Remove Packaging and make sure you’ve received all materials.
With each timepiece that you order, Soca Watchco will supply you with that specific watch, a protective pillow, a link removal took with one extra pin, and a custom marked Soca Watchco box.
  1. Try Watch on, Decide Which Link(s) You’d like to Remove
First off, you should try the watch on if you haven’t. If it’s too big then follow these instructions for an easy way to remove the links.
Identify the link(s) that you’d like to remove and find the miniature hole on either side of the wooden band. There is a pin inside of that hole that will need to be pushed out in order to remove the band.
 wood watch link removal
  1. Use the Link Removal Tool to Remove the Desired Pin(s)
Turn the dial on the tool counter-clockwise until the space between the bottom of the tool and the attached pin are large enough to fit the watchband between them. Slowly begin turning the dial clockwise until the pin goes into the hole marked in the previous photo. Turn the dial until about finger tight – it will be enough to push a pin out of the band, but be careful not to spin too tightly and damage the wood band of your watch.
After this step, loosen the tool and remove it from your band. Take the pin that you have nearly pushed out fully remove it from the band of your watch – if needed gently use a pliers to squeeze the end of the pin.
Once you have removed the pin from a link, the link will come off. Remove as many links as desired to fit your wrist.
 wooden watch link removal
 watch link removal tool
 removing link from wood watch
  1. Reattaching the Link/Adding a Link to your Band
Once you have removed the desired amount of links – or are ready to add links – it’s simple from here. Line up the links and slowly push the pin back into the holes that line up with the links.
 installing a new link on wood watch
You can start this process with your fingertips until the pin is nearly put all the way back into place. If the pin doesn’t push all the way back into the link(s) then gently push the remainder of it in using a hard surface such as a desktop. There’s a thicker knob on one side of each pin to make sure the pins won’t slip out of position and break your watch.