Caring for your watch

Congratulations on purchasing your Authentic Soca Watch Co. time piece. Read below and learn how to care for your watch so that it will last a lifetime.

  • These unique timepieces aren’t waterproof, but they are splash resistant. The watches are able to handle small amounts of water splash without trouble. However, if the wood is fully submerged, there is potential for expanding, warping, bending, or even cracking.
  • To ensure that the watches keep their intricate look, it’s recommended to clean them consistently. By removing the dirt build up from your watch, you’re preventing the wood from darkening. Make sure to oil your watch regularly with tung or lemon oil to ensure the wood stays moisturized and beautiful.
  • Similar to humans, rapid changes in temperature are discomforting to the wood style watches. Exaggerated swings in temperature can trap moisture within the wood and lead to expanding, cracking, or freezing.